Feel The Beet

By Gina Caputo

Feel The Beet

Root veggies are to Fall as fruits are to Summer so to kick off Fall, I always bring out the beets! Beets are high in important vitamins and minerals, are thought to support athletic performance, are high in fiber and may support brain health! If you aren't sure if you like them, this could be a great dish to try them again. The apple brings a brightness to the earthy beets and the saltiness of the feta/vegan feta is a partner. Git some.



  1. Prepare the quinoa in a rice cooker or according to package instructions
  2. Dice the beets (if you’re making your own, either boil or steam them and be sure to peel them before dicing)
  3. Rinse garbanzo beans under warm water
  4. Dice your Honeycrisp apple (or whichever apple you love best)
  5. Prepare your balsamic vinaigrette or have your favorite one handy
  6. Dice your feta cheese or homemade vegan feta
  7. Chop your walnuts
  8. Combine quinoa, beets, beans, greens and apple in a large salad bowl.
  9. Toss with dressing to your liking
  10. Top with feta or homemade vegan feta cheese
  11. Top with chopped walnuts
  12. Serve in individual bowls with love
  13. Listen to some music that has a great BEET
  14. Enjoy to the max