WHOL Coaching: Whole Health • One Life

What Does a Whole Health Coach Do?

A Health Coach is a CHANGE AGENT. A behavior-change specialist that partners with you to catalyze your highest level of whole health and well-being, right now, in this one life you have in this body.

As an action centered partnership, health and wellness coaching moves you from intention to action and sustainable change.

I facilitate behavior change by helping you identify specific behaviors you wish to begin, pinpoint barriers to success and brainstorm solutions to overcome obstacles. Together, we co-create an accessible and practical action roadmap to achieve your behavior change goals and maintain them long term.

As you take action and move forward with your action plan, I provide accountability, soundboarding, emotional and logistical support, troubleshooting and recalibrating as you discover what does and does not work for you.

More often than not, people try to take on too much change at once to succeed long term. As a behavior change specialist, I have evidenced-based methods in my toolkit to help you find the right change pace to achieve your goals and make them stick.

Some of the areas of behavior change we focus on: 

    • Nutrition & Meal Planning
    • Stress resilience
    • Body composition
    • Cardiovascular Fitness
    • Strength & Endurance
    • Sleep
    • Mindset
    • Prioritizing Self-Care
    • Time Management
    • Motivation & Discipline

A big mistake many of us make is waiting for everything else in our lives to "settle down" before we take steps to support our health and well-being. You'll never feel like you have the extra time, you have to claim the time for yourself NOW. 

What is Whole Health?
It includes your health in these realms:
  • a dynamic and ever-evolving process
  • multidimensional
  • unique to you
  • accessible
  • your birthright
  • Physical
  • Relational / Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Occupational
  • Financial
  • Environmental

Whole Health Wheel with Gina Caputo Health Coach

Why Gina? 

 National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist

I am a National Board Certified Health Coach and an ACE Certified Behavior Change Specialist with an inextinguishable passion for helping people activate the level of health and well-being that is their birthright. Both challenges AND change must be considered in the context of your WHOLE self: body, mind and spirit.

Over 20 years of immersion in teaching and practicing Yoga has also given me a powerful behavior-change toolset since it is, in essence, a practice of behavior change. Yoga is a practice of self-study and mind management wherein we learn to control the character of our thoughts.

Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs become behaviors and behaviors shape your reality.