The Yoga Potluck Membership

You’re welcome at The Potluck!

The Potluck is an online community created to support and enhance your physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. We focus on your whole self and your whole health.

In embracing a virtual platform, it has been possible to create an internationally populated space of refuge for both sustaining holistic wellness and embracing transformational growth in community. Together, we go beyond what modern day, in-studio yoga classes could typically offer by taking advantage of the best of technology and offering more flexibility, accessibility and breadth of focus.

The programming includes yoga asana, satsang (spiritual discourse and vibrant interaction), meditation, practical, off-the-mat application of teachings, breathwork and community processing. These are peppered with curated playlists, challenges, special events and a monthly practice calendar to support a consistent commitment to your whole health.

Asana-centric class offerings are filmed weekly in my home studio and are responsive to our changing world and real-time issues. Live Asana practices are an opportunity to move, breathe and connect in real time. These are added to a large recorded library of practices that vary in vibe, area of focus and duration but are all informed by the same intentions of accessibility and relevance to your life, right now.

Our Live Satsangs are interactive space to unpack the teachings of Yoga and explore the application of them to our lives off the mat while bearing witness to each other’s humanity, wisdom, vulnerability and, of course, your “special sauce”. In coming together, we are reminded that we are never alone on this evolutionary journey.

Our rich Live Meditations serve to activate, bolster or reignite a daily meditation practice that offers the irreplaceable fruit of awareness and the opportunity to show up more fully and intentionally for ourselves, in our relationships and in every aspect of our lives.

The Potluck is a place where we can commit to ourselves, do our inner work and prepare ourselves to show up in life more integrated, more intentional and with empathy, compassion and purpose. It is my honor to hold space for and support your efforts in embracing your whole health and your potential.

INVESTMENT: $24.99/mo

The Yoga Potluck IS FOR YOU if:

• You're inherently curious and committed to living fully
• You're willing to do the work
• You want a self-affirming teacher
• Humor is essential on your spiritual path
• You want to be seen in your wholeness and do the same for others
• You come as you are and go your own way
• You want to dive deeper in unorthodox ways
• You are sincere, not serious
• You value play, music, food and laughter
• You might be a little bit weird, rare, fringe or are an eclectic!


The Yoga Potluck is NOT FOR YOU if:

• You deify your yoga teachers
• You aren't working on your implicit biases and blind spots
• You practice spiritual bypassing
• You want your teacher to tell you how to feel, think, speak and live
• You tell other people how they should feel, think, speak and live
• You think yogis look or speak a certain way
• Being human is not at all funny to you
• You come into community with an agenda to change people
• You view yoga as an "escape"
• You just want a workout or to increase your flexibility

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