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Thai Coconut Soup

Thai-inspired soups always seem so perfect to me in the "shoulder" season in late Fall, where Summer is still fresh in your mind but the early mornings and late nights are feeling like winter. The coconut milk in them is like a nod to summer but their heartiness says, winter is coming. Enjoy this one, definitely a favorite in this household!

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Turn Up The Beet

BeetsĀ bring some of that Earth energy to Fall - its time to get grounded! Beets are high in important vitamins and minerals, are thought to support athletic performance, are high in fiber and may support brain health! This One Bowl Wonder by Gina Caputo features the best of beets along with apples, dates and garbanzo beans!

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Instant Pot Coconut Curry Chicken

We had a freak September snow storm and after eating lots of cool grain bowls, grills, tacos and salads, it seemed like an invitation to bust out the ole Instant Pot again! After just a little prep in chopping, this one pot wonder has that glorious combo of tomatoes and coconut milk, is a breeze to make and is full of flavor. It also invites innovation with other veggies and can be made omni or vegan!

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