More Than Meets The Eye

This may looks like nothing more than green spaghetti but it is LOADED with super greens and plant-based protein with some good fats to boot! As summer turns to Fall, some of us may be feeling the pull towards comfort foods. This fits the bill without sacrificing balanced nutrition. Did I mention it's freakin' delicious and super easy to make?!

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Rocky Mountain High

At the special request of the US Probation Officers of Wyoming, I have created a One Bowl Wonder recipe that would work well with elk, since many of them hunt for their family's food. The early fall flavors of this bowl would also be amazing with vegan meatballs made from chickpeas and mushrooms! And since Colorado's Palisade peaches are in season, I couldn't resist including them too!

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Summer's Greatest Hits

If you could put all of summer's greatest hits into a single bowl, this would be it. Juicy watermelon meets tangy pineapple meets sweet corn meets creamy avocado all partying together on a bed a hefty romaine lettuce and garbanzos with party favors in the forms of salty pepitas and cilantro leaves. As August slides into September, this is a One Bowl Wonder to celebrate summer's bounty and the delicious things in life.

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