Thai One On

This was one of those OBWs that I had no major expectations about, just an experiment and then I freaked out on how delicious it is, no fewer than 79 times while we ate it. It was ridiculously simple for the depth of flavors and super satisfying texture too. One of those dishes that is somehow dense in satisfaction but light in your system?! Whips up in no time and can easily be made vegan!

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Let's Dilly Dally

The combination of zucchini and dill is just...magnificent. I'm not sure why. Dill and cucumbers, for sure. Maybe because zucchini look like cucumbers?! Whatever the reason, they are two things that love each other so I never make zucchini without its pal Dill. This wholesome bowl is EASY and when there's fresh corn (summer!), add that. When there isn't, you can leave it out and its still delicioso.

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Come Clean

This bowl is squeaky clean so if you’ve been feeling polluted lately, this healthy bowl is an easy way out. You mix quinoa and steamed cauliflower as a foundation and then bring steamed sweet potatoes and kale to the party. Top if off with a cool and creamy miso-yogurt sauce and sprinkle with hemp seeds that bring protein, fiber and omega fats! Coming clean’s not so bad after all!

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