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Walk On The Wild Side

Wild rice seems so...rustic. It's hearty and earthy and I don't use it nearly enough. It started there. But the real star of this One Bowl Wonder? THE PEANUT BUTTER-MISO SAUCE. Maybe it's just me but I want this flavor again and again. Next time I'm doubling the amount of sauce so I can put it on other stuff just to see how it holds up. But the pairing of that sauce with sweet potatoes was EPIC.

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Fall Harvest Salad

This versatile Fall salad takes advantage of Fall fruits and veggies like sweet potatoes, apples, pomegranates and kale. Keep it vegan or add a protein like roasted chicken, garbanzo beans or marinaded tofu. This can be a gorgeous side dish to any holiday feast too!

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Thai Coconut Soup

Thai-inspired soups always seem so perfect to me in the "shoulder" season in late Fall, where Summer is still fresh in your mind but the early mornings and late nights are feeling like winter. The coconut milk in them is like a nod to summer but their heartiness says, winter is coming. Enjoy this one, definitely a favorite in this household!

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