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Watermelon Salad

This is such a simple One Bowl Wonder and my absolute favorite for the hottest summer days. Sweet watermelon combines beautifully with salty feta, bitter arugula and spicy grilled chicken or tofu with a tangy lemon vinagrette. Major crowd pleaser right here.

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Chicken/Chickpea Salad

When I was living in Kansas City, my favorite place to eat was a luncheonette called Happy Gillis. Mismatched s&p shakers, great sandwich bread, epic chocolate chip cookies and the world's greatest chicken salad. I do not consider myself a chicken salad person. At all. But I love to ask what the staff loves and someone recommended this and I've never looked back. It's INCREDIBLE. I included a vegetarian option too!

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Overnight Oats with Mango Milk

I loved my Overnight Oats with Blueberry Milk so much that I started to get creative with more fruit milks in my overnight oats. And this tropical delight was a big WIN!! Mangoes are in season right now - you can use frozen ones or chop up fresh mango if you prefer. Cool oats are especially good in the summer when you don't want a bowl of hotness to start your day!

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