When Worlds Collide

This One Bowl Wonder was born of a deep love of both Italian and Indian food! It includes the best of both worlds all living harmoniously (and deliciously) in the same bowl. This accommodating OBW can be made vegan, vegetarian or omnivore and the base can be gluten-free rice, pasta, polenta or even mashed potatoes!

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Pesto Powerball Soup

This is a classic, hmmm what do I have in the kitchen One Bowl Wonder. I had the makings for soffritto (fancy Italian word for carrots, celery, and onions) which always makes me think of soup. That week, greens were hard to come by at the store but I had just made a pesto with supergreens and basil and still had it in a jar in the fridge. Add protein balls and it felt very rustic and old country in the best possible way.

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FORZA! Italia Lentils

In solidarity with my Italian brothers and sisters, I give you FORZA! Well, the dish gives you forza anyway. This lentils and pasta dish is inspired by a Roman classic. The greens were my idea. Eat it in good health, in bad health or simply to everyone's health!!

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