Edamame What You Doin' Tonight?

I never would have guessed this combo tastes so good together! Edamame is great for the protein, along with the feta and somehow the weird combo of pasta and cauliflower tastes amazing!! The tomatoes, basil and lemon vinaigrette add a brightness that can't be beat. Not to mention, cleanup on this one is a cinch!

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It's All Greek To Me

This one has been a staple in my kitchen for YEARS after I first had something similar at Boulder's Native Foods restaurant. They discontinued it but I've kept this one alive and well. If you love lemon, you're gonna LOVE this Greek inspired bowl!

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Cherry Oh Baby

This gorgeous bowl of goodness is somehow both light AND hearty. Cherries, lentils, farro and walnuts? YES! And the celery keeps it super light and fresh. This is a new one to the OBW rotation and it's here to stay!

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