Devlishly Delicious

This pot o' goodness is inspired by a dish I saw called Lentils Diavolo, which is Italian for devil and refers, in food, to a spicy sauce. I kicked it up with extra veggies and a different source of fire. It's vegan, hearty, easy and can be served alone or on top of couscous (pictured here is Israeli couscous), small pasta noods, rice, farro, polenta, or potatoes.

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Chicken & Dumplings

Mmm mmm mmm good. This classic comfort food has a little Italian twist with the appearance of gnocchi for the dumplings! This is a cold-weather treat that sticks to your ribs and feels like a hug in a bowl. You CAN make it vegan by swapping more mushrooms for the chicken or try and extra-firm tofu and use cashew cream. Best of all, it's EASY.

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Bean Feeling Spicy Lately

This spicy stick-to-your-ribs stew is super versatile. It can be made anything from vegan to omnivore and you have the power to adjust the spicy level to suit your tastes! This protein-rich stew is satisfying on its own for anyone eating low-carb but fresh bread makes a perfect partner too. Or serve it over rice or polenta! No matter what, don't forget the lemon juice at the end!

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