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Summertime Protein Power

While I didn't originally intend to make this a One Bowl Wonder post, it go so much action on Instagram that I'm putting it here after all! It's a kicked up caprese salad that uses chickpea pasta AND chickpeas as well as that inimitable summertime fresh corn. Vegetarian protein at its best!

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Oodles of Zoodles

When zucchini is in season, this is a go-to for one of the fastest dinners around. The combination of lemon and herbs with al dente zucchini and just done shrimp is perfect on a hot day when you want to keep the stove and oven time to a bare minimum. It's light but satisfies. And leaves room for dessert!

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Super Summer Salad

I planted a vegetable garden this year and the greens have been POPPING OFF! So it's been super salad One Bowl Wonders every night just to keep up! This one can be topped with grilled chicken, a grilled portabello mushroom or a grilled piece of extra firm tofu all with the same marinade!

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