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What's most important to me as a teacher is to support you in feeling resourced to live fully as your whole self. Accessibility, authenticity, inclusivity and integrity are what I stand for. I embrace a “sincere, not serious” approach to my work because the evolutionary journey of being human is tough and if we don’t leaven spiritual gravitas with a little humor, we’ll be left eating a very dry bread of life!

"Yogini On The Loose" emerged in 2010 as a proclamation to live more freely and fully than I had been. It was born of the philosophy that only WE can free our minds and liberate ourselves from the invisible bonds of conditioned consciousness. The "shoulds" that keep us imprisoned. Take a chance, give the cage door a push and you may find that it’s actually been open all along!

Yoga with Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose

I synthesized a style of yoga called Integrated Vinyasa™ Yoga that emerged from a desire to teach something infinitely adaptable and accessible, intentional and reflective of the cycle of the moment. It is a yoga practice rooted both in yoga philosophy and in intelligent, natural evolutionary patterns. It emphasizes the subtle inner work we access via our physical bodies, movement and focus. Classes integrate the polarities of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, science and philosophy, engagement and relaxation, outer and inner, focus and release, structure and spontaneity, tradition and evolution and work and play. How we do anything reflects how we do everything. Yoga is a practice for LIVING.

Meditation with Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose

The essence of Yoga practice is awareness. Awareness is the root practice of transcending conditioned consciousness and is essential to any growth, change and union that comes from Yoga. I practice Vipassana meditation daily and teach anapanasati, a meditation practice that uses an awareness of breath and the sensations of breath to yoke the energy of the mind so that it is fit to see into itself.

Music & Playlists by Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose

Music is a universal language that transcends words, grammar and accents. It fascinates me because although it is not biologically required for survival, many would argue it is an imperative that supports an optimal existence. Music invites us to feel, relate and move. It’s an essential part of my life and my offerings.

One Bowl Wonders from Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose

I believe one of the greatest acts of self-care is nourishing yourself. Tuning in to how you feel and what you need in any given moment and then going through the ritual of preparing that for yourself can be powerful! Not everyone feels at home in the kitchen so I strive to make simple, clean, balanced meals called One Bowl Wonders and share them with you. Each one strives to embrace as many of the 6 Ayurvedic Tastes as possible while still being accessible and pleasing.

Nature - Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose

When in doubt, I ask, “What would Nature do?”. Earth Stewardship is a practice of Yoga, an art of living in constant awareness of the impact of our choices on the environment. I am especially passionate about eradicating single-use consumer plastics because work-arounds are readily available with a little awareness and discernment. I ask yogis, the champions of mindfulness, to step into their influence and leadership as excellent environmental stewards!

Namaste - Gina Caputo - Yogini On The Loose

I stumbled upon this practice quite by accident while at UC San Diego in 1995 and recognized its potency in my very first Tree pose. I began to teach as a favor in 2000 when I emergency subbed a class and recognized the penetrating beauty of the transmission. My education has been broad, varied and deep and has included long-term apprenticeships for which I am eternally grateful. A deep bow of gratitude and respect to:

Max Strom Shiva Rea
 Erich Schiffmann Denise Kaufman
Cyndi Lee Mary Taylor
S.N. Goenka Pema Chodron


I have owned studios in Los Angeles, CA (Sacred Movement), Kansas City, MO (Kansas Siddhi Yoga) and Boulder, CO (Colorado School of Yoga) and am profoundly grateful for the communities that evolved and all they taught me.