Kettlebell Foundations Workouts 2 + 3

If you've already mastered the technique and workout in Kettlebell Foundations and are ready to uplevel, these two new 30-minute workouts are your next step!

The first workout increases the number of reps and pacing in each of the foundational movements that I broke down in the Foundations course. The second combines movements for increased challenge, focus and strength!

2 kettlebells are ideal for these workouts, one lighter and one heavier. For beginners, in general the lighter kettlebell ranges from 8kg (18lbs) to 16kg (35lbs) and the heavier one from 16kg (35lbs) to 24kg (53lbs). I cover this in more detail in one of the videos in the Foundations series.

Note: I don't explain form for each movement in these videos since that's already covered in Foundations but if you already have the basic technique from somewhere else, these videos may work for you too!

Check out these two 30-minute workouts here.