Kettlebell Foundations Workout 4

The 4th workout in my Kettlebell Foundations series is perfect for any of you who started with my Kettlebell Foundations course to learn good form in the basic movements OR for anyone who already has basic good form.

Workout 4 has less instruction (talking) and includes supersets as well as more complex variations of the moves we learned in the rest of the Kettlebell Foundations series.

You have the option to do the full workout that includes warmup > 3 sets of each superset > cooldown OR if you have less time, you can do warmup > 2 sets > cooldown or even warmup > 1 set > cooldown.

You will need 2 kettlebells, one lighter and one heavier. The lighter is usually between 15-35 lbs and the heavier between 35-55 lbs for the Foundation series.

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