The Yoga Potluck





Gina's Chicken Bolognese

This is a huge batch of a high protein "pasta" sauce and I add lots of veggies too. I serve it for dinner on Sunday and then keep the rest to eat for lunches during the week. You can also freeze it. One thing I love about this sauce is that you can serve it over pasta for some family members or over veggie noodles, chopped veggies or polenta for others. You can also easily adjust this to make it all plant-based, see note at bottom of recipe!

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Mini Chop Salad with Protein

To say I'm obsessed with mini chopped salads ("mini chops") is an understatement. I've always thought the cut of your vegetables either makes or breaks them in terms of your desire to eat them. Turns out everything is better as a mini chop. In the recipe, I link to my favorite tool to make mini chops possible on the reg. I was first inspired to make these by Baked By Melissa and then, of course, started experimenting including adding proteins to my mini chops!

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Date Caramel

When I saw Baked By Melissa post this recipe, I knew I had to try it because SO many of my health coaching clients get the sweets craving at night and feel like a day's worth of staying on track with their goals goes down the drain. I often recommend a date or two to curb the sweet tooth, but this date "caramel" would also be amazing on a high-fiber apple. It's a keeper!

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