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Lasagna Soup

Recipes for lasagna soup started trending in early Fall 2023 and once I saw that, I couldn't believe I'd never thought of converting one of my favorite, complex and time-consuming dishes into a SOUP so we could enjoy it's flavors more than once or twice a year! AND I could make it healthier and in alignment with my nutrition goals! 

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Gina's Stellar Ceviche

Few things satisfy me like this shrimp ceviche - it's light and fresh and packed with protein and veggies. It's perfect for potlucks, cookouts and game day where lots of party dishes can be out of synch with your health goals. If you're a citrus lover, definitely try adding grapefruit juice to brighten it up even more. You can eat it with a fork or use your favorite tortilla chips as spoons!

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Shrimp & Spicy Slaw

This is one of my 5 meals in rotation this summer. Minimal heat required to cook the shrimp indoors, grilling outdoors always works. The addition of the mango or pineapple adds a brightness to the slaw that just screams summer. It's high in protein and fiber, not to mention DELICIOUS! Find Your Five!

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