Tonglen Meditation

I originally created this offering in the aftermath of the mass shooting on 3/22/21 at King Soopers just one mile from my house in Boulder, Colorado. This meditation is for the benefit of all beings who are suffering anywhere at any time.

Tonglen is an ancient Buddhist meditation practice to awaken compassion. It means "taking in and sending out". With each in-breath, we take in others’ pain. With each out-breath, we send them relief.

It's the most powerful meditation I know, both for the meditator and the objects of our loving compassion. It is not meant to take the place of any other activism or to bypass the gravity of the situation. It is an immediate way to make an offering of your humanity and empathy to other beings who are hurting. 

Tonglen Meditation with Gina Caputo By Donation for Victims of the King Soopers shooting