The Yoga Potluck

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🌟 How The Yoga Potluck Membership Club Works: For $24.99 a month, you get access to a vast library of On Demand yoga practices, meditations, and Satsang (Soul Circles) and an incredible community of amazing humans. Join our Zoom sessions from anywhere in the world – all live practices are recorded for your convenience. Come and go as you please.

🌈 What's Included:

  • 300+ On Demand Home Practices
  • Monthly live Yoga Asana class
  • Monthly live Movement + Meditation
  • Monthly live Satsang + Soul Circle
  • Exclusive community forum with Gina & The Potluck Fam
  • Monthly teaching with journal prompts and challenges
  • Bonus live classes

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🎁 You Also Get:

  • Gina's curated practice calendar synced with lunar cycles and Vedic planetary energies
  • Monthly playlists on Spotify and Apple Music
  • Members-only gifted registration or pre-sale access to events and retreats
  • Meet and greet at live events
  • Member discounts on selected merch
  • Partner discounts where available

🌟 The Potluck is for you if:

  • You're curious and committed to living life fully.
  • You want to deepen your Yoga practice, not just your poses.
  • You value realness, practicality, and a full-spectrum approach.
  • You seek a self-affirming teacher and community.
  • Humor is essential on your spiritual path.
  • You come as you are and go your own way.
  • You're sincere, not serious.
  • Everyone is welcome, with basic Yoga asana experience and an ability to modify your practice as needed.

Ready to accept your invitation to The Yoga Potluck? Join us on this journey of holistic wellness and vibrant community! 🌟✨