Kettlebell Foundations Bundle

This bundle includes the Kettlebell Foundations series that includes all the informational videos, the form and technique videos for the foundational kettlebell exercises, a warmup and a complete workout AND the Kettlebell Foundations workouts 2 + 3 for when you're ready to uplevel your strength and conditioning!

Now also includes a 4th workout with supersets and less instruction for when you've mastered the basics in the first 3 workouts!

2 kettlebells are ideal for this program, one lighter and one heavier. For beginners, in general the lighter kettlebell ranges from 8kg (18lbs) to 16kg (35lbs) and the heavier one from 16kg (35lbs) to 24kg (53lbs). I cover this in more detail in one of the videos in the Foundations series along with answers to questions about clothing and space!

Check out the bundle here.