Kettlebell Foundations

Just getting started with kettlebells? This course teaches you all the foundational movements to get you started with power. Once you master these, you can bring skill to complex movements and your creativity will be limitless!

Gina covers how to chose your kettlebells, answers common questions and offers other helpful things to know before you get started.

After the intro, the series includes individual videos for each foundational movement, a warmup session and a full workout.

This is perfect for people new to kettlebells, anyone who feels intimidated by kettlebells or anyone who wants a refresher on the foundational movements.

Your foundation determines your form and safety going forward. You'll never regret investing deeply in these movements!

2 kettlebells are ideal for this program, one lighter and one heavier. For beginners, in general the lighter kettlebell ranges from 8kg (18lbs) to 16kg (35lbs) and the heavier one from 16kg (35lbs) to 24kg (53lbs). I cover this in more detail in one of the videos in the series.

Check out this 12-part series here.