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WHOL: 10 Weeks To Transformation Coaching Series


Do you know what you need to do but can’t figure out where or how to start? Or is your problem with making it stick? Are you sick of repeating a pattern of an enthusiastic start to healthy habits that fizzles out and you revert right back to your conditioned behaviors? Do you bite off way more than you can sustainably chew long-term and then feel like a failure?

Studies show that on average a new behavior gains automaticity in 66 days, about 10 weeks. In this program, Gina will help you distill your values and goals and craft a truly attainable and sustainable plan backed by scientific evidence on behavior change.

The art lies in identifying your strengths, keeping your eyes on your whys, and customizing your action plan to align with those AND your lifestyle.

By time-binding the program to 10-weeks and meeting at the beginning, half-way through and at the end, you're set up for a powerful change activation with unconditional support, course corrections and a map for the way forward.

WHOL: 10 Weeks To Transformation includes:

  • Program preparation guidance and educational resources
  • Vision + Values and goals materials
  • 3 live 1:1 Coaching sessions with Gina via Zoom
  • Universal strategies for success, backed by science
  • Self-study journal prompts (if applicable)
  • Email access for questions, course corrections and laser coaching
  • Next steps map

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    Please note: If you are being referred to me in my role as a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach by your physician as treatment for a specific medical condition, you may be able to use your HSA/FSA account to pay for my services. If this applies to you, please read this for more information.