Nectar is a rich and sweet liquid produced in the depths of a flower. As such, I’ve always associated it with essence and the sweetness of our life experiences – like we savor the nectar of our experiences so we don’t miss them.

Today’s practice is nectarian in that it is slow flow leading to restorative and includes a steady, fluid pace coupled with pulsations to move along any stress and tension. It culminates in a luxurious restorative pose to rejuvenate, restore and nourish you like nectar would.

You’ll want to have a bolster or a double-stuffed pillow case, a blanket rolled at its longest width so it looks like a big piece of spaghetti and two blocks or some large books for today’s practice. You can always get creative!

For rent or download. 45 minutes.

 Nectar Slow Flow Yoga Home Practice with Gina Caputo