Transmute: Yoga for Anger

I'm not a fan of pretending we always experience love and light! Our shadow side is an amazing teacher, if we learn how to work with it skillfully. In this case, anger is something we all experience from time to time and a natural part of being human. When we try to suppress it, deny it or hide it, it very often festers within us and can lead to bypassing.

I created this home practice to support you in acknowledging and working with the anger you’re experiencing. To help you go from feeling out of control to feeling empowered. To harness the power of your anger and transmute it into mindful, compassion-driven action.

The practice includes flow sequences, postures, purification practices called kriyas and breathwork to support your process. May it be of benefit.

For rent or download. 46 minutes.

Transmute: Yoga For Anger Yoga Home Practice with Gina Caputo

Transmute: Yoga for Anger from Gina Caputo on Vimeo.