Level Up Retreat at Soulshine Bali - March 2025

Break out of the constant, draining stimulus/response cycle of modern life to assess and activate how you really want to feel for the rest of your precious life. It's time for you to LEVEL UP! And what better place to do it than Bali?

Value is often determined by scarcity and midlife is when time becomes our scarcest asset. Now is the time for applying powerful discernment to where you direct your energy and focus. This week-long retreat with Gina is an extraordinary opportunity to take stock of your intentions, strengths and what you deeply value to return to your life at home with increased clarity, empowerment, life-enriching practices and a renewed sense of self. You'll come back feeling more awake and aligned than ever.

At the Level Up retreat, Gina expertly guides you with her Empowered Aging programming into embracing the rest of your life with the spirit of becoming. We aren't meant to fade to grey, this is a time for all you've learned and experienced to come to life in technicolor! It's your time.