The Yoga Lab: NEW Alignment Essentials in Grand Junction, CO

July 27, 2019 at Yoga V in Grand Junction, CO

Given the uniqueness of each of our bodies, there are no absolutes in yoga posture alignment. Poses don't have alignment, PEOPLE have alignment. However, in group classes, we explore postures together that have a defined aesthetic and expression, so how do we practice together and honor our individual bodies and needs? In this workshop, we’ll fully explore several blueprint poses with the Integrated Vinyasa alignment principles of balancing polar key actions, observing tension and load on your tissues, and understanding the impact of our nervous system on our ability to experience change in our bodies and how to find what's right for YOUR unique body today. Open to practitioners of all levels and teachers looking to add depth and sensitivity to their guidance.

You'll learn about:

  • history/background of alignment
  • more anatomically and biomechanically informed alignment principles
  • purpose of alignment
  • the process of adaptation
  • how to increase mobility
  • what factors into your ability to transform through asana
  • practicum for finding your/your students' optimal alignment