Spiritual Survival Kit

The last months of the year usually serve up a predictable amount of stress. Holidays come with expectations and emotional baggage, and the push to meet end-of-year deadlines is immense.

So what happens when we throw in the biggest political event of our lifetimes on top of the emotional intensity of 2020 so far? Let’s just say the odds are on us losing our shit.

But WHAT IF we anticipate what’s coming and equip ourselves with tools and practices to not only keep it together, but to learn, grow, and thrive?!

That’s where the Spiritual Survival Kit comes in. We’ve filled this toolkit with daily essentials for building and repairing your wellbeing, and we want to share them with YOU.

The Spiritual Survival Kit is a month of nourishment for all of your senses, tools that speak to your whole being. From October 4 – 31, you’ll receive a daily email with a new spiritual survival tool to put into action immediately and reinforce your resilience and spirit to thrive.

Investment: $99

You’ll receive:

  • Audio meditations
  • One Bowl Wonder recipes
  • Tips/recipes from the Kitchen Pharmacy
  • Mindful Movement practices
  • Ayurvedic self-care practices
  • Breathing practices
  • Musical jams
  • Journal prompts

That’s over 30 tools in one month! Join us and let's weather the storm TOGETHER!