Time, Money and Well-Being for Yoga Teachers

Your ability to maintain and model a balanced lifestyle for your students is paramount as a yoga teacher, yet too many times the yoga teacher is the most stressed out person in the studio! Problems such as teacher burnout, stagnancy, resentment, lack of time for practice or professional enrichment, and difficult finances are not uncommon for yoga teachers!

Through some self exploration and time-tested wisdom Gina will help you turn your teaching schedule inside out and outside in to create a schedule that nourishes you and your students on every level!

What's in this course?

Gina delivers the course in a step-by-step fashion beginning with a self assessment, followed by a thorough exploration of how to find the right places to teach, and ends with a plan on how to create an optimal, sustainable teaching schedule. The course includes samples of unsustainable vs. sustainable schedules, OmWork handouts to help you assess your current and ideal schedule and a knowledge assessment at the end to credit you as having completed the course.