2020 Vision: See The Light

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As 2019 winds to an end, apathy, frustration and disempowerment have become all-too common feelings. To kick off 2020 right, local powerhouse visionaries Gina Caputo and Jillian Keaveny of Compass Fitness have crafted an uplifting and galvanizing event that engages the entire body-mind-spirit complex in pursuit of elevating the experience of seeing yourself and life more clearly. 

Date: Wednesday January 1, 2020 at Compass Fitness in Denver, CO

Through 3 distinct yet unified rounds of exploration, you'll experience grace, grit, growth & gifts. 

  • Grit: An empowered exploration of holistic strength and stamina with Jillian
  • Grace: A yogic exploration of your aptitude and awareness with Gina
  • Growth & Gifts: A guided exploration of what you're ready to release into your soul's compost bin and which natural gifts you're ready to clearly see and nourish moving into the new cycle that is 2020

This potent experience combines the powers of strength training, yoga and self-study that culminate in you walking out feeling like you can see the light.

Jillian Keaveny is a fitness coach, yoga teacher, DJ and the co-founder of Compass Fitness in Denver. She is a firm believer in the power of connecting mind, body and heart through movement.

Gina Caputo, the Yogini On The Loose, is a yoga teacher and educator and the founder of the Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder. She believes that only WE can free our minds and liberate ourselves from the mental slavery that keeps us bound to what we “should” or are “supposed to” do, say, look and live like.

Location: Compass Fitness in Denver, CO

Date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Investment: $55 

Space WILL be limited so please don't count on a drop in and register in advance!

Refunds are not available for this course for any reason but your registration is transferrable to another attendee should you choose to gift or sell it to them at cost. Continuing with registration indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of our refund policy. Thank you!