Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck Membership Club - Come As You Are
What is Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck Membership Club?
The Yoga Potluck is a membership club I created in 2020 when I realized I was spending way more time and energy trying to capture interest than I was on actually being in relationship and community with you.
2020 is indeed a year to tune your vision to what is TRULY important and for me, stewarding my energy and putting it into quality of relationships vs. quantity of relationships is paramount! So The Yoga Potluck membership club was born!
How does Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck Membership Club work?
Like most clubs, you pay monthly dues to be a member and get relationships with Gina and the rest of The Yoga Potluck Fam, safe space to be yourself, curated offerings and sweet benefits in return! You can come to The Potluck when you please and leave when you please.
Monthly dues for the first 100 founding Potluck members is $24.99 a month and that will not change even when the membership dues rate increases.
More questions? Check out our FAQ, Terms of Service or ask here!

What is included in Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck Membership Club?

  • Subscription to all my Home Practices on The Yoga Potluck member site
  • Monthly livestreamed asana class on Zoom (also recorded)
  • Monthly livestreamed meditation sit on Zoom (also recorded)
  • Monthly audio meditation for download
  • Members-only online community forum with Gina & The Potluck Fam
  • Members-only live monthly Satsang and Q&A with Gina on Zoom


  • Gina's monthly curated home practice calendar
  • Practice playlists (on Spotify and Apple Music)
  • Gina's monthly journal prompts


  • Members-only Challenges
  • Members-only pre-sale to events and retreats I produce
  • Meet and greet, fam hang at live events


  • Member discount on merch
  • Annual limited edition members-only merch
  • Partner discounts where available

Who is Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck Membership Club for?

  • You're inherently curious and committed to living fully
  • You're willing to do the work
  • You want a self-affirming teacher
  • Humor is essential on your spiritual path
  • You want to be seen in your wholeness and do the same for others
  • You come as you are and go your own way
  • You want to dive deeper in unorthodox ways
  • You are sincere, not serious
  • You value play, music, food and laughter
  • You might be a little bit weird, rare, fringe or are an eclectic!
Who is it NOT for?
  • You deify your yoga teachers
  • You aren't working on your implicit biases and blind spots
  • You practice spiritual bypassing
  • You want your teacher to tell you how to feel, think, speak and live
  • You tell other people how they should feel, think, speak and live
  • You think yogis look or speak a certain way
  • Being human is not at all funny to you
  • You come into community with an agenda to change people
  • You view yoga as an "escape"
  • You just want a workout or to increase your flexibility
Does that help? Are you ready to accept your invitation to The Yoga Potluck?!? Check out the member site and then join us!


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