Total Health Reboot with Gina Caputo

The Total Health Reboot is currently undergoing a transformation from a coach-led experience to a self-led experience. We're creating an affordable experience that gives you more freedom and space to digest this content without meeting obligations. Afterwards, you'll have a better sense of your accountability and structure needs and whether working 1:1 with a health coach is a smart next step or if going it on your own works for you!

You're here because you believe you're worth it. It means you know your health and wellbeing impact how you show up in the world. To get on track with your vision of a healthier and happier YOU, you need support, structure, and accountability.

Maybe you’ve felt too busy to take care of yourself. Or too stressed. Or you've gradually slipped into regressive habits. Maybe you don’t feel like yourself anymore.

Why is it so hard to feel motivated to change when your health and wellbeing ARE important to you?

It’s discouraging because:

  • There's no time

  • You're stressed

  • You don't feel motivated

  • It's time to change, but you don't know where to start

  • Change is hard

  • You've tried, but nothing sticks

  • Feels overwhelming

  • What has worked in the past isn’t working anymore

  • What you’re doing now isn’t enough

If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Total Health Reboot is a practical, actionable, and customizable program based on the 4 pillars of health.


A 4 Week Total Health Reboot with Gina Caputo 

I've designed a 4 Week Total Health Reboot to help you get the traction you need for LASTING CHANGE. There's structure and accountability along with the flexibility to tailor the program to your health goals.

Reboot your health with:

  • Comprehensive on-boarding guide & reboot prep

  • Your daily Laser Coaching emails with actionable tips and techniques for traction and momentum

  • Downloadable strength training videos – either bodyweight only or kettlebells

  • Downloadable yoga practices

  • Downloadable guided meditations

  • Healthy recipes and meal prep tips and tools

  • Success tools and products recommendations

 You should join this program if: 

  • Commit to your whole health

  • Feel better and stronger in your body

  • Dial in accessible, healthy eating habits

  • Improve your mindset and motivation

  • Change your relationship with stress

  • Sleep better

  • Understand how lasting behavior change actually works

  • Customize what a healthy lifestyle looks like for YOU

Health isn’t just about fitness or diet. Everything is connected to every other part of you! A holistic approach to health is key to experiencing the health you've been craving.

This 4 Week Total Health Reboot has the foundation of all 4 pillars of health: Movement, Nourishment, Headspace and Sleep.