3 Workshops in Salt Lake City, UT

August 24-25, 2019 at Mudita Yoga in Salt Lake City, UT

Natural Mystic: Vinyasa Inspired By The 5 Elements
Much of modern life is indoors and as technology evolves, without intentional effort our relationship to Nature diminishes. Gina will begin this session with a brief introduction on where we and the Natural elements intersect according to Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda and how to use yoga therapeutically to restore holistic balance. Through deliberate sequencing and complementary music, this full-spectrum Integrated Vinyasa practice will restore your sense of connection to Nature and the 5 elements. Not all poses have the same energetic make up so you’ll learn what to look for in yourself or your students and how to specifically and skillfully promote a return to feeling balanced and centered.

Soul Flow: Hip Openers & The Blues
This embodied trip into the deep combines soul-stirring Blues with extraordinary hip openers of all kinds. It's a soulful, rejuvenating practice that allows us to safely and intelligently explore our roots (hips and legs) from every perspective. We’ll start with a brief introduction to the anatomy of a hip opener and how your autonomic nervous system impacts your flexibility and ability to experience a “release”. From there we’ll experience exactly why Blues music is the perfect accompaniment to this exquisite, hip-centric practice.

Yoga For Strength & Mobility
Modern postural yoga has predominantly emphasized stretch and muscle flexibility over strength and joint mobility which can lead to functional imbalance and injury. In this practice, Gina highlights some of the areas most prone to wear-and-tear or overuse injuries and how to address them with actions that support sustainability and balance. She’ll begin the session with a short discussion of the differences between flexibility and mobility and why you should care as a committed practitioner of yoga asana today. From there, we’ll explore ways to restore balance and the muscular support your joints need for optimal function!