Gina's Self-Care Bundle #1 with H2A Botanicals

This bundle of self-care goodness has been a big part of my life for the last few years and a big reason why both my skin and my body have been feeling really, really good in spite of putting them both to the test!

I'm collaborating with this absolutely AMAZING women-owned, local business that is committed to environmental stewwardship and regenerative farming. Every time we meet, I am further blown away by their continuous efforts to make mindful, micro-batched products sourced locally and with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

These are my 3 favorite products that I use DAILY:

  1. Lavender Facial Toner charged with quartz every morning
  2. Warrior Oil starring locally sourced Arnica & super-potent CBD after workouts
  3. Rosehip and Saffron Serum charged with emerald every night

This holy trinity is a game changer!! Check out the self-care bundle!

While CBD has no psychoactive affects, in case you don't want it, I also created a bundle with regular Warrior Oil here.

I am so proud to be a part of the impact H2A is striving for both in Colorado and across the globe!

You can also choose to try the individual items separately:

A big reason why I chose these products is that H2a works with either local, organic, or intentional ingredient suppliers that aligned with their vision and the legacy they aim to leave with their business. Each and every ingredient in their space and in their products were treated with love, sourced ethically, grown on soil that is alive and nutrient dense, and supported the right people (no large farming conglomerates). These efforts have taken YEARS, and they still look for ways to improve quality and cultivate relationships every single day.