Daily Compass Planner

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In an effort to create some structure in my quarantine life, I started using a paper day planner. I still use my iCal but sitting down each morning with this paper planner and actually writing my goals helped me create a balanced plan for each day more than my digital calendar ever had.

Soon I realized there were things I wanted to include that the planner I was using didn't have spaces for. So I made my own! And I think you might find it valuable too.

I'm calling it the Daily Compass because that's what it's been for me, a ritual to sit down with each morning to chart my path for the day.

You can identify your top 3 priorities for each day, list all your to-dos, determine what movement and self-care practices you'll be doing and then pop them all in your hourly schedule. I also wanted to plan/track my meals and my water intake so I included sections for those too. And in the spirit of creativity, I left a spot for notes and ideas that pop into your head (while you're in the shower, naturally).

At days end, you can look back at the balance, or lack thereof, in your day and adjust for the next day!

Yes, it's "old tech" but much like the beauty of a real book, there's power in writing out and organizing your intentions in this way. Did you know studies show you have a greater likelihood of achieving your goal when you WRITE IT DOWN?!

It's been a LIFE CHANGER and I'm committed to this practice now forever! I would never have imagined how grounding it would be in tumultuous times.

Each 8.5"x11" pad includes 32 sheets for a month.